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    A lot of years were wasted in this realization, so I wanted to make it mean something. Dedicated to all the kids who came from those who should never have become parents
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    One Reason

    It was never
    the act of leaving,
    that made me want you
    It was the constant
    to stay away
    that left me empty,
    with a hole
    not quite big enough
    to contain my loathing.
    It was never
    the drugs,
    or the booze,
    or even the mental wars,
    that you seem to have passed on to me.
    It was you
    treating me like the key
    to the lock
    on my mother's jeans.
    When you realized
    that was never my purpose,
    you threw me in the river
    like another promise meant
    to last forever;
    for so many years.
    It was your explicit
    lack of care;
    the anchor
    to my ankle,
    holding me down on the river floor,
    that finally made me realize
    how lucky I was
    you left.

    But how can I be grateful for this?