• dipanjan_b 10w

    Talent does not speak of age,
    It just needs the psychic stage.
    It can be through words or art,
    Every talent is equally smart.

    Have you got a talent O dear?
    Show it out without a fear.
    Stretch thy thoughts and calibre high,
    Then you too can kiss the sky.

    Some have talent in writing skills,
    Some have talent in trekking hills.
    Hide not ever thy vibes of soul,
    Let it rise and grab its goal.

    Talent flows through gusty wind,
    Hides in grooves of latent mind.
    Talent waves like delirious seas,
    And runs insane through unquiet leas.

    It dwells in us from the blink of birth,
    Spreading smiles through mortal earth.
    A singer voices bliss through songs,
    A wrestler makes us feel so strong.

    A poet can spell out magic of rhymes,
    A doctor produces tricky enzymes.
    Talent is a quality, hold the show,
    If we polish it, it will grow.

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