• miss_annonymous 4w

    Just because you have someone to call at 2 am in night if things get so bad,
    Doesn't stop a person from not wanting to kill themselves
    What it does is that we forget about it for a while
    Nobody will be ready to receive that call from you everyday...
    Every once in a while
    After a while no one will even want to understands you
    Because you are too negative
    But if they do love you.... They will come back to you again ...
    But , do you call a person whom you love and say you wanna die?
    No mostly you don't
    Because you love them and you don't wanna add to their problems
    But when it gets tough... Call them
    Because they will miss your smile when you are gone...
    Just stay alive for them if not for yourself
    Only you can help yourself
    And I know that you know all these things..
    Just reminding you again