• daitadasgupta 9w

    Dilemna between Darkness and Light

    Tell me when it's over
    Wake me up when all this ends
    Right now it is hopeless
    Let me put myself to rest
    Right now it is all too hard
    Right now it is tearing me apart
    I try to grasp for some fresh air
    But soon i run out of breath
    I try to move forward, startin with baby steps
    But the voices in my head won't give me a break
    Darkness creeping up inside
    Whispers in the dark telling me to take my life
    Strange empty faces glued on me
    I walk away hastily
    I run and run trying to grasp for some fresh air
    But it is hopeless
    I am lost in a strange place
    Dark walls, dark streets
    The whole world seems like a dark sheet
    I lie down all alone in this strange world
    With darkness being my constant companion
    Darkness is real , darkness is true
    Darkness doesn't hide
    Darkness is my friend to whom i confide
    Days pass by turning into months
    But still no letters come into sight from Light
    L-I-G-H-T - the symbol of hope and happiness
    But look what it had done to me
    Left me all alone in this lonely place
    Don't trust light
    It turns a human being blind
    Just like it did to me
    Left me alone with all of my miseries
    But not anymore
    Now i have got dark
    Someone whom i can finally trust
    Dark doesn't run away, it always stays near
    I could feel it in my heartbeat saying - "i am always gonna be with you my dear"
    But nowadays i feel tired
    I can't carry on anymore
    I lie down here wrapped in a blanket
    Close to my heart i can hear darkness whisper - " go to sleep my dear"
    And as my eyes become heavy
    And everything around becomes dull
    I slowly fall into deep slumber
    But i hope i can wake up soon
    So i am writing this letter to you
    "To the one reading this :
    Darkness wrapped me around it's arms and lulled me to sleep
    But i know only Light can wake me
    I might be sleeping peacefully now
    But i don't wanna sleep for too long
    My to-do list stuck in the mirror
    Will be waitin for me to get ticked off
    Tell me when it's all over
    Wake me up when all this ends
    But right now it is hopeless
    So let me put myself to rest"