• yusrasyed_10 10w


    Love is a strong word for emotions,
    Which cannot be explained.
    Hold me tight,
    Like night hugs the moon.
    Even the miles away you are,
    Close to my heart.
    Love is not always about being together,
    It's about being loyal even miles apart.
    You aren't here to comfort me,
    But soon I hope you will be.
    Loving you feels so right,
    But at the same time,
    Knowing I can't have you,
    Keeps me awake at night.
    When you hurt me so bad,
    I still wanna be with you.
    The person I loved the most,
    Need to left me alone.
    No matter what life brings us in future,
    Remember I'll always love you.
    The memories are everlasting,
    The love will never fade away.
    My heart fills with love for you,
    When I think how much you cared.
    If I could describe happiness to you,
    I wouldn't have choose words.
    I just want this to be simple,
    I just want you here with me.
    Being with you was one of my wish,
    But sadly it was just a dream.