• the_unsung_one 45w

    I remember there used to be 'Aunties' who wud cm to ur parents house on a very bad day. They wud hv tea (ofcrs made by you) then they wud judge u jst on the basis of a fuckin tea, oh! how gud a cook u r. A girl, 18 years old, jst completed education (Graduation), such a nice cook (apparently)... A cmplt package fr marriage. A young gentleman of 40 serving government is the perfect groom. And your parents, if they understand you so well that they nvr allowed you to talk to strangers jst so that you can marry them smDay..... You are in good hands. I thought this area of expertise was exclusive to Aunties only... Bt to my delight, now there are 'Uncles' too.
    Now if you can relate to it My, Oh, My.....Lucky you!