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    Ibarapa-Fulani, Sunday Igboho: What Next?

    It's the role of the government to secure life and property. The Federal Government via its agency — the Nigerian Police Force, has failed us.

    No doubt Nigeria is under-policed, which is an argument for State Police but the North has opposed it consistently. Thus, the Governors as CSOs of the SW came together and created a security outfit within the ambits of the law. Amotekun has recorded some successes and one or two misfirings but Yorubaland, may I say, is "under-Amotekuned".

    One may argue that our governors have not done enough but rather than arguing about whose role it is, while our farms are destroyed, women are raped, men and women kidnapped and murdered on our soil, let's protect ourselves LEGALLY — via Amotekun.


    a) Amotekun is a legal cover for self-defense. They can easily obtain licenses for unprohibited weapons.

    b) The heads of Amotekun in all the southwest states are retired and experienced top-ranking military men. We should leverage the structure for training.

    c) We are not oblivious of the bias of the "presidency" — its selective silence whenever news of the herdmens' terror is aired; flabbergasted excuses like, "I'm not aware" as an afterthought; and presidential dysfunction via orgasmic threats and sometimes, actions in defense of the herdsmen when the host community attempts to defend itself.

    All parts of the Southwest ravaged by the Fulani menace should take two complementary steps:

    1) Gather volunteers for Amotekun. These volunteered should be stationed around their Homeland — like community policing.

    2) The locals should raise funds to buy guns for "their" Amotekun and funds to support them.

    Other Yorubas should make donations to Amotekun and engage in prayers to GOD.

    When a demon is cast out, it goes to arid places seeking rest. If it doesn't find any, it will return to its former abode to check for space. If itfinds it "empty", it will return with more of its kind — then its host will be worse than its former state.


    Sunday Igboho's action is commendable but he can't be everywhere. Moreover "smite the shepherd and the sheep shall scatter". We must ensure this momentum doesn't die, by creating a structure that can survive without a single individual — this will keep several of our "saviours" safe. Why do we need a new structure when we have AMOTEKUN that is LEGAL?

    Henceforth in Karoojire territory, it should be as simple as A.B.C — Action Before Complain!

    Omo Oduduwa ni mi! tokan! tokan!