• justin3210 9w

    I am better than you, in almost every way,
    A person of integrity, something you can't say,
    You started to lie to me, from our second date,
    You pretended to love me, that we were fate,
    You taught me lessons, some were good,
    You hurt me worse than anyone could,
    You are the worst person I've ever yet met,
    But you're also someone I'll never forget,
    You broke my spirit, brought me to my knees,
    I couldn't breathe, I'd choke and wheeze,
    The best decision I made was letting you go,
    But I just thought that you should know,
    I hope you eventually find some relief,
    From your anger and hidden grief,
    But that's no excuse for who you are,
    The way you treat people both near and far,
    Fix yourself before it's too late,
    Stop being so selfish and contemplate,
    What you need to turn yourself around,
    Maybe you will like what you have found,
    But until you commit to that day,
    People will continue to come, but always go away,
    Eventually they all see through your act,
    The terrible decisions, the way you react,
    These are the last words for you I'll write,
    You and I will never again fight,
    Because going forward, you're nothing to me,
    I've finally given up, now I am free.