• blogwriternyc 21w

    Baby read my mind

    Baby won't you read my mind, I'm not strong enough to tell you.

    The things you said right before you left, doesn't give me enough reason to want to.

    You said I did everything I could do, and said you don't see us in the future.

    The word in the neighborhood is that your doing fine and have a friend that pleases you.

    The relationship is over that something that I have to remember, girl it's been so hard in this cold nasty December.

    Well, I'm finally strong in this cold and wonderful December, and I have a few words i need to say before i close this chapter.

    December, almost the 25th, and you left to be with that cheap imitation,

    Lady, dont even try to lie.

    Girl your out of your alcoholic mind.

    i wish you and him the best, but you wont wont be renting any space in my mind.

    Baby, im glad you cant read my mind now,you showed that your really blind.