• mind_simple 6w

    Not everyone speaks for me and vice versa. Yet in today's climate it seems that it is group against group. Words are strong, strong enough to break the biggest giants. Though the truth is our strongest weapon, lies are what kill the most. I called them truth arrows laced with lies, the deadliest poison.

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    Unspoken Truth

    Words are being spoken,
    Yet my mouth is not moving.
    They are say they are speaking for me.
    Though they have not walked in my shoes.
    People are thinking we all think the same.
    Even though I have a mind of my own.
    They say speak your truth young one
    Although they turn aside as soon as...
    Either way what are my words going to do.
    When they crave the words of the idols.
    My words are not louder than the praises they receive.
    So I just sit here with,
    Words being spoken,
    Yet my mouth is not moving.