• raeema 9w

    Its aching so terribly oh humans,
    Called mankind but no so kind,
    The selfish and corruption minds,
    Why are your looks so dirty,
    Glancing this poor and innocent eyes,
    With bricks on head and in heart,
    Why do you treat the way so bad,
    When i have not done so back,
    Why do you look down on me,
    When i have only looked up to you,
    In hope to get a hand in help,
    Why do you curse me worse,
    When i havenot even uttered a single word to oppose,
    Why dont you understand the dilemma i am in,
    Yearning for friends but no one wants to be one,
    Want to read fantasies but nothing known,
    Why dont you really understand,
    Its not my mistake the way i was born,
    With no penny in my pocket,
    With no respect seeking point in my shoulders,
    With no beauty outside that catches your greedy eyes,
    Nothing do i own than my tears and misfortunes ,
    The well of tears might be emptied soon,
    As its been flowing since the beginning,
    All these i say to you violently in silence,
    As its all zipped and given a tag,
    The suppressed need not talk,but only listen.