• anirudh_h 4w

    one man came to Bhuddha and started criticizing him. hurling the worst kind of libel upon him for one hour he went on and
    the Buddha was on talent leave listening
    so after one hour the man got exhausted the Buddha asked his disciples give him
    something to eat and something to drink so that he enhance the energy and he starts off so this man was veryimpressed he said that I said so much to you and it did not impact you in any way you did not even say that what did I do to deserve this so the Buddha said look
    when you give something to someone and
    he doesn't take it with whom does it
    remain when the person who has given it
    so you gave all this to me take it or
    not take it was my option I exercised it
    it's already so if we can insulate our
    personality in that matter then we will
    be free of the statements even if I have
    this oh I haven't cared about your
    comments kind of attitude it just
    affects you somewhere