• javid__sameer 10w

    Ask for women's needs not for their nudes..... Before doing something wrong think that a person who gave birth to you is also a women.

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    Wealth Of MEN

    Women are the real architects of the society
    One of the god's creation with finest beauty
    Being born as a women is a boon
    The envy against you will be changed soon

    Never believed in superpowers untill I saw your multitasking
    Never believed in magic untill I saw your eyes
    Never believed in heaven untill I fell asleep in your lap
    Never believed in God untill I saw a women

    If I were a women , I would love to be a mother first
    Women are not just to satisfy your biological thirst
    Shame to be born as a men in this nation
    Laws must be rigour for this section-376B

    Men may reach greater heights and soar high
    It is because women gives them wings to fly
    They need encouragement not empowerment
    Don't limit their life by engagement.