• chronicmelancholic 9w


    Name's Alle, and I'm an elf who scours the brim all the Aldrich forest near castle Illadelle. My main job is to fend off and exterminate alien beings and bring them back for research.
    I have an expert with me who's a reptilian named Melandrak who surprisingly knows a little too much if you ask me.
    Our jobs must be done in secret as to not stir panic with the populous.
    The note given to me describing the job said that people have been disappearing for unknown reasons outside the brim of the forest that surrounds Illadelle castle.
    Often it's a fisherman or a hunter who leaves that never returns.
    My most recent case was a woman who strangely left her home and willingly walked into the forest.
    Melandrak thinks it's the doings of a hag but we'll see.