• cardelljhardy 5w


    Mom and dad!
    Aren't you glad that I'm your son?
    Together in Chrust, we are one.
    Born and raised through all the years
    A share of laughs and tears
    As well as the struggles and the fears.
    But we are all family and that is true.
    I have alot to say to you!
    Blood runs thicker than anything else
    A Lot of things I couldn't do by myself!
    We are more than just friends
    Or just roommates
    You're with me until the end!
    When trouble lurks just around the bend!
    We talk at the table to very much mend
    All the scars and bruises that affect us all!
    But by and by, we will stand tall!
    Because He came for us and took the fall.
    So be you and enjoy all of us being friendly
    After all we are just that: Family.