• bhootni 6w

    She belonged to a middle-class family

    Nurse: congratulations....it's a girl

    Both of them were very happy.....they were on cloud nine

    But their happiness lasted for only a few years...

    When she was only three years old...she was taught new things and small small lessons....but making her understand everything made her mother remain irritated most of the time
    When her father returned home after work, exhausted....he had to play with her which made him more and more tired.

    When she was of eight years old....her mother beat her for the first time for doing a sum wrong.

    More two years passed....her mother started teaching her household works...so that she don't have to depend on anyone.

    She was not cared properly....her needs were not fulfilled properly....she didn't get proper nutrition....which made her fragile....frequent health failures made her parents admit her to hospitals often which was slowly finishing their money.

    Her relatives didn't like her because her choice was different....she was good at studies better than her cousins which made her relatives envy her.
    She liked short dresses which became a popular topic for her relatives to gossip about.

    She couldn't live her life happily.... because her parents were not rich enough....she belonged to a middle class family..

    She was brought up in a town...which seemed like a village..
    And the people there had a backdated mind....they forced her to leave her studies after she passed her 12th class.

    Her parents started making arrangements for her marriage with a man who does government job...they were happy with that man's family because they demanded no dowry...they also fixed their wedding date without asking her decision because she was a GIRL who belonged to a middle class family..

    They got married...her mother sadly, also happily accepted that from that day onwards her own daughter was someone else's...

    After getting married...she was treated with great care for two weeks then she was given the responsibility of the whole family..
    Then what....she visited her father's house as a guest occasionally and spent her whole life working for the family till her death