• hafsahdero 9w

    Let the death take a toll on you
    It lingers in every corner of your nerves
    When you die waiting for your missing child
    Or you die by the Hand of an Angel pressed against you
    Or if your feelings die with time's brutality
    When the lillies start to become sad
    The birds stop chirping on your window
    The day dies as the sun sets with colors less
    The night ends its life, going to sleep forever
    When the air is still and no more running wild
    The waves have stop roaring in its wilderness
    And I hear no more of the rovings
    The leaves fall from above the dead tree
    Or the batteries in my lamp have gone rust
    The frozen needle of the clock stucks forver
    As we cease to grow old again
    Days of dancing and freely going about end
    Cries from childhood are there no more
    Clouds stop pouring rain on the rooftops
    And the snow will never touch the ground
    The chatter in coffeehouse on philosophy
    Or the dances in the festivities, where are they?
    The laughter at the end of the street
    Dies away as one goes far away
    And the sobs break off in the darkness
    As all go to sleep, wrapped in death's hug