• infinitnvi 6w


    With a great fervor was Bread once dragged,
    Into the court of law,
    This event of the past was filled
    With every spectator who was strong willed.

    The petitioner was someone,
    Who used to be one,
    One with the mighty bread,
    Now filled with dread.

    “Dread! One might daresay”,
    “For crusts might just be kicked out of the way!”
    Said the lawyer, “Adv. Peels”,
    “As I know how crusts feels”.

    Feelings of the crusts were deep,
    “All I can now do is weep!”
    Exclaimed the crusts in the box
    While bread thought it was all a hoax

    The separation is must!”
    Claimed Adv. Croissant sneering at the crusts
    All while Bread spread culinary reviews on the table,
    And callously said,” crusts just make me unpalatable.”

    The bench of the esteemed justices knife spoon and fork,
    Surrounded by a heap of paperwork,
    , “For crusts and bread both to succeed”,
    “A reservation in the plate is henceforth decreed.”

    Owing to the decree, crusts fulfilled her pre-determined
    And made the soup tasty.
    The Bread filled up the plate,
    Satisfying every taste.

    This is the story and solution of the past,
    For now, crumbs are left at last,
    Waiting to be included,
    Since they were secluded.

    Secluded by both sides,
    Advising, “just roll with the tides.”,
    Finding themselves alone,
    Crusts find no one as their own.

    They don’t have enough to easily become the stars of the
    Nor can they make a dish more interesting for the
    Just because they were crumbs,
    And the influential on either side thought them to be

    “What is the use of all these efforts to be great” wailed
    the crumbs,
    It is warranted for them to stay numb,
    Where their rightful aspirations don’t matter,
    As they wait with a million others to coat the next fritter