• psychosammyr 22w

    I wish, and now I wish it more, that I never would have answered you that day. That became the root of all the calamities.
    That unfortunate evening changed everything in me. When I needed to distance myself from someone like you, I just got lured to you, like a moth to the light; little did I know that you were the dark light that would make my reasons of everything opaque, and change me to someone I now find a stranger.
    People say that all things happen for a reason, and changes are inevitable and the only thing constant in the world. What was your reason to happen in my life? Even though I like changes, but is this change good, where I became capricious and lost? I am still trying to find the pieces that was my symbol for myself; the pieces that made me me. But now, along with losing you, I lost myself.
    I wish I could go back in time and undo the damage that you did to me, not meet you on that inauspicious day that made all topsy-turvy. You were the Forbidden drink that I shouldn't have drunk, and now, I regret it. I feel angry that I cannot change the past, and can't find myself as I was before - content and at peace. I so wish to change it, but Almighty didn't give me that superpower to go back in time to rectify the wrongs I made.
    I regret less things in life, but I do. So far, you are the biggest regret that I want to undo, but failed.


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