• evelynshade 24w

    This moon shines upon me
    As the clock strikes one
    With the wind, I set my love free
    So that it may come
    To embrace you one day
    And I hope it does, in times of grief
    You won't realise that warmth
    Nor how it continues to live
    It's incredible; a heart still ready to give
    Love, never showers upon
    The familiar darkness of forgotten alleys
    We share the same sky
    And perhaps, the ground too
    For I keep stopping by
    All the places you've been to
    Hoping that maybe we will
    Cross paths by mere chance
    When the nights grow cold after summer's goodbye
    The unburied emotions resurface once again
    And by the window, I take my place
    As reminiscence of yours follows trail
    Good old times along feelings unrequited
    Engulf this being with another sleeping spell.

    © Evelyn Shade.

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