• edmundnnanz 5w

    Death is a journey. I have seen kings in caskets, the young being put under the soil. Many went before, many will go after and all will surely leave. Are you a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddha... Where ever you find yourself, your religion teaches you to live a life that pleases a Deity.
    It's all about your good will. I believe I was made, I believe I am. I believe I must go back. I believe in God. What do you believe? Live, Live, Live and when death is nigh, say Amen. Also, so many just die without a sign. So I urge you, be righteous at all times. Bless you readers

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    When death is nigh

    Fear not!
    Neither panic,
    Hold on tight,
    Know it's a journey.
    Just as you came in, so you must get out; to some other place.
    Just like you had left childhood into adolescence,
    Primary into secondary; secondary into superior and as from life into another life, called death.
    You can't step twice on a step.
    When you can't run from it, embrace it and it might just run away from you. Death runs from those who fear it not and this is only possible when you live a life which pleases your Saviour.