• am00dymortal 1w

    her mascara holds more than she knows.
    tears. hopes. bliss. lust. revolt. love.

    she ignores it though. all of it.
    for her eyes just look for him.
    a him, who wrecked her existence.
    but does it even matter?

    she loved him. she still loves him.

    sometimes slowly, sometimes reckless.
    often constructing, but also deconstructing.
    with a chaotic calm
    and a contradictory self.

    she loved him. she still loves him.

    and now,
    drunk on the elixir of eternity of every moment spent with him,
    she's trying hard to unlive it all with every flashback.

    for she fell for all that glitters, to what they call(ed) love.


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