• gelooo 5w

    The Martian Rose

    on his right hand is the Martian Rose,
    a flower plucked from the rust of
    the red planet's crust, a peculiar
    bloom with charcoal petals
    and ebony thorns.

    far rarer than any diamond or
    even the purest jade, crowds
    flock to witness the spatial oddity.
    dangling from the man's grip,
    mimicking Halley's comet, twinkling
    in the eyes of the admiring crowd.

    they line up to buy the precious
    Martian Rose, an offering
    fit for divinity, celestial flowers
    that my father hands out - grinning
    at profit.

    well, I need to wash my hands; as
    charcoal and paint tend to stain
    an already impure soul.


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    The Martian Rose