• wholeblackpoet 9w

    Have you ever lost yourself, while giving so much of you to them? You’re in a place, where you no longer know what you are or who you are? Every time, do you look in the mirror just to see someone else looking back at you?

    It hurts. It hurts when you’re no longer the person you were once. People, Time, Place has changed you. You let them change you, because you were falsely led to it. You never knew that you were losing you too along the way. And it’ll be too late when you realise it. Till then, you refuse to believe this.

    But now, it’s time. It’s time you make amends for yourself.

    People say, treat others in the way you want them to treat you. But let me rephrase it to you, treat yourself in ways you want others to treat you. You must be wondering, “won’t it be a selfish thing to do?”. But, no. Choosing your happiness, choosing your passion, choosing yourself is always the right thing to do.

    Because you owe it to yourself.
    Embrace your flaws, your curves;
    Cherish your dreams, your desires;
    And know your worth.


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