• nitesh007 10w


    A 10 years old rustic boy deboarded a train
    Gazing in amazement
    It was a hustle and bustle of a magnificent city.
    Overawed by the towering buildings and scores of big and small vehicles.
    He sauntered with his parents towards a bus where he gaped at a conductor who was screaming his lungs out about the destination in a language which seemed funny yet alien to him.
    As he sat in a bus to his astonishment he saw a septugenarian married woman not donning a sari which in his insular view was the only attire for conjugal women.
    He started peeking outside a bus window and mulling over this captivating experince.
    Initially he was apprehensive and paranoid about various cryptic things.
    As time passed by he was lampooned for the lingua franca which he coudn't confabulate, and some racial slurs.
    Whenever he used to loathe the city for this uncharitable things every time another side which was full of grandeur and magnanimity used to props up in his heart.
    After few decades that same rustic boy metamorphosed into a sassy city lad as like they both are inseparable.