• golden_mean 9w

    Today, I woke up early. (��)
    My son had his camps,(��)
    I wanted to cook rajama - my favorite,(��)
    But then my husband doesn't like it.(��)
    I loved a new drap I saw online,(��)
    But my girl cried for a frock.(☺)
    My daily soaps are best past time(��)
    Mother in law asked for leg massage . (��)
    I had a kitty party with my friends,(��)
    But my little one got injured (��)
    My passion was dance ,(��)
    But dad wanted me be a bride.(����)

    We don't find food,sleep,a dress or free time to be a great sacrifice. But spend a day sacrificing all this you will exhaust !!

    Now imagine her doing one or the other each day and sometimes major once like career ,love etc.
    I don't think we can describe her in words
    That's what we call a women

    She is love, perserverance,kindness.
    She is epitome of sacrifice


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    Is what she lives up to
    Respect her!