• jamaree_writes_poems 9w

    Her Crown

    "While you out there doing your evil deeds, she's waiting on your phone call that's never going to Come,
    And you have the nerve to wonder where all of her regret is coming From,
    Just really think about it, she there laying down in her Bed,
    Thinking why the fuck did I invest so much time into you as she'd rather be Dead,
    You broke her whole heart and disintegrated her Soul,
    Making her feel like if she's in the wrong and didn't fulfill her Role,
    She invested her stock into you trusted that you would raise it with Ease,
    But instead you crashed and messed it all up and brought her straight down to her Knees,
    Those lonely nights are accompanied with her consistent Tears,
    With her releasing her many thoughts and prayers, but they seem to be falling on deaf Ears,
    The pain seems like it'll never let up and always be There,
    While she says , "why me?! I'm such a good woman and it's not Fair!",
    She feels like the absolute worst and think she'll never escape the deep end and Drown,
    But I'll know she'll be back stronger than ever, with her head up high and proudly wearing her Crown ..."