• vaguvix 23w

    I'll try doing it thrice a day.
    But is this even morally legal, I'm stealing large percentage of this sites poem space.

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    The World Under Heaven - 1

    How do you create a world?
    But first of all, I ask.
    How do I create my own?
    It does not makes any sense.

    I did not created my body,
    Nor I did not created anything,
    I had built my own beliefs,
    But beliefs, it's just a camera.

    I have the power to imagine,
    It is that all the matters.
    I may not defeat infinite chances,
    But my concern and feelings, genuine.

    I will not create a world,
    I will model it after you,
    So you'll feel that you're part,
    Of something much bigger than you.