• emirapoetacus 4w

    Once upon a prickle

    If you can't vibe with them,
    Don't ride with them,
    just leave them,
    Leave them alone!
    Ride you way home!
    Don't you cry!!
    Don't cry a river
    Don't you cry a river,out of your bank
    ,just row
    Row your boat and float
    Don't try to host,you'll bleat
    Like goat,your value will roast
    and your tummy bloat,
    From the allergy of no synergy!!
    your signature will be sorry!

    Don't wait to be sorry!
    destroy the bridge hurry!!
    roll away the stone!!
    remove their embalmment
    Don't bury yourself in their
    listen to your intuition
    fee is free for tuition

    when it tells you no
    Don't say no,go!
    Don't be slow,
    respond to the cry
    beneath your belly
    Don't tuck it in!
    Respond to the irritability
    Of your conscience
    treat it like a woman
    Attend to it's prickle
    most times God drops his
    whisper in your deep!!