• akshayabobale 5w

    Honest thoughts

    I am stuck
    I am trying to come out of it
    But I don't know how to go with it
    How to go with the flow
    Had someone told me going with the flow had its own shortcomings
    I would waited
    And thought for a while
    The repercussions of my actions

    My thoughts were younger than my comprehension
    My heart was full of passion
    I let time suck out all of the love I had for life
    Back then I knew how to move on
    And now suddenly I am stuck

    I know I am guilty
    But something just stops me from regretting about it
    My heart is heavy
    But my eyes are dry
    I am unable to cry
    It's my ego
    That's stopping me
    Because my ego never tasted failure
    And that's my biggest failure!

    I always knew to walk a straight road
    A road full of goals
    And I walked the road with an unprecedented pride
    Was my fortress
    Built it brick by brick
    Was my strategy

    And now I sit in the ruins of my fortress
    Looking up in the sky
    Oh God please help me heal my soul
    My honest thoughts