• _isolated_introvert_ 5w

    A vivid dream

    Got a glimpse of future in the dreams
    Where I found the ursa major was shining more brighter than it seems
    The Orion belt's last star got replaced by a golden trident locket having carvings
    The sky was dark and the view was breath taking

    I was looking at the stars from the sky scrapper
    The technology around me was in fact a heart snatcher
    A big cell phone like an object was floating upon the tower in the middle of the flames of white light
    I saw a series of television channels around it like someone from heaven projected the flashlight

    I was standing at the top, feeling strange about the sight
    Then I saw a horizontal thick lazer beam coming from a furthermost place striking the tower like a signal from a satellite
    It feels like a delusional daydream inside a dream
    where my dreamy world was more realistic than it seems

    Soon the scene in the dream got shifted unforseen to the market, so neat and clean
    Met a girl, talking mean, looks seventeen, yet candid me thought she's genuine
    The scene got changed, again, saw a hall, I was waiting for someone in vain
    The mean girl stays in that home where I was made to listen her words as sweet as sugarcane

    On the double, I saw , this 'someone' was the person I never wanna meet
    I rushed towards exit, realizing, this girl did knew, I'm gonna meet the person who's cheat
    Later I sensate that the girl was no one but the biggest hater of me
    I've cut the chords from them long ago, but still I'm not free...