• stevenlee 10w


    She makes her way, across the stage, in her cap and gown, to look out, to her classmates and then, to those family and friends, that are attending, as she begins, her graduation speech, giving words, of encouragement and thanks, for her years, of school and her friends, she has met, along the way and her hopes, for the future, but towards, the end, she focuses on, her brother, her hero, who is fighting, for her freedoms, yet wounded, in battle, while doing so, talking about, his dedication, his honor, his love, of country and family and just, how much, he has been, her inspiration, her best friend and how proud, she is, of what, he is doing, yet, saying too, just how much, the past year, or more, has been difficult, without him, but she knew, she would be, seeing him soon.

    So now, as she looks up, yet, taking, a second look, she is, suddenly, unable, to finish, as her hands, cover her face, while beginning, to cry, as everyone, starts to murmer, wondering, what it is, exactly, that is, going on, when they turn, to see, a figure, being pushed, in a wheelchair, coming down, the middle isle, as she leaves, the podium, running, in her heels, clanking along the way, as he, puts up, his hands, to stop her, as he grabs, the arm rests, to push himself up and with, wobbly legs, about to buckle, he takes, several steps, towards her and then collapses, as thunderous applause and tears, finding them, on the floor, as she, gives him hugs and kisses and love yous.