• pronamika 36w

    Someone told me that we see our loved ones face and smile in every people's face .
    Yes now after being so far away from you ,
    I see your smile in everyone's face ,
    I find your face in their faces ,
    And yes it make me feel sad ,
    Yes it make me cry ,
    Because none can be you ,
    And none should not be you,
    My darkest dream that once I tried to make the beautiful one ,
    No none should be you.
    Love and hate for the same person destroyed the inner me .
    But yes I have a hand to walk together in the path of life ,
    It was my dream to walk with you and only you ,
    But dream remains dream ,
    I don't want to forget you ,
    Not because once I loved you ,
    But because I don't want to make a mistake again to love blindly .
    Yes I trust someone so blindly ,
    And yes he make me feel that much secure to trust him blindly than I trust myself .
    You were the darkest dream that once I had .
    The dreams once I dreamed are now just a dream remain in the past .
    I walk away and now ,
    I am here,
    So far away from you ,
    So far away from the dreams once I had ,
    So far away , so far away.
    And yes now I am in a journey,
    In the journey of life
    In the journey towards
    being my parents smile .
    I dream to be my parents smile
    And this dream will not remain as a dream.
    So far away from you,
    Now I am in love with my work,
    With my aim in life and yes
    With the one who hold my hand in the time I broke down completly and
    none was there to hold me up
    towards the journey of being my parents smile .