• meganzhong 10w

    Living dead, how unabashèd thou art!
    Thy confessions and lost childhood are

    Generously lain in front of my eyes
    To admire before I, myself, must die

    Were I not born in this dreadful century
    But in thine, I truly would have loved thee

    Had I known thy stories that I now know
    Or if I had been beside thee to grow

    And to maintain thy dainty willow tree
    Had I known of your painful history

    I would have engaged in thy revolution
    With Old Bloomsbury in order to stun

    Feeble minds of thy days who seem afraid
    To go wand’ring outside of old time’s shade

    How I would have loved them all: the living dead
    Whose intellects their worlds took for granted

    And now I wonder how many of my
    People’s stories go unloved this century


    To the past, present, and future writers and storytellers whose works will never be appreciated by the public until after death.

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    Loving the Living Dead