• mrauthor 11w

    Imagination becomes the ink
    Of my fountain pen
    As it flows through
    The Stygian veins
    Embedding in the blank paper
    As black mirrors my depth
    Opening the wormhole
    To the world of my fantasy
    Giving wings to the
    nestling of my creativity
    Silence my accomplice
    Listening to the chaos of my heart
    Darkness enshrouds me
    Enveloping even the fleck of light
    Forcing me to open my eyes
    To show me the truth that lies
    Hidden in the veil of darkness
    Writing even the block
    With the words that cease to be
    The broken words and
    Incomplete sentences
    Interweaves together
    As they complete my poesy.
    © MrAuthor

    My ideal place is where
    The silence accompanies me listening to the chaos of the heart and a quiet place that lights up with darkness as it forces me to open my eyes wide enabling me to see the truth it hides.
    - ©MrAuthor

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    Imagination become the ink
    Of my fountain pen.........