• genrx632 5w


    I forget to Care
    So heres an extra Fuck 2 give
    Didnt kno u wanted it
    Not much to give
    But i got u if u fucks with it
    Stuck on this
    Sudden sick
    Vicious run
    Done twisted up my shit
    Was wat it was
    All i done did
    it is wat it is
    Dont give
    Me help up
    Just run from the kid
    I aint a adult
    That joke
    It In fact chokes
    Tickles my back throat
    Till it close
    Im allergic to that wordin
    I got tact though
    So the fact go
    In a black hole
    the facts tho
    Is i bin to jail to my
    My record pop wen they check it
    Gettin treated by the cops
    Like im black whoa
    In the trap
    Hustled crack dope
    Im a ghat in all caps
    On mac pro hat low
    Its a act tho
    Dont even notice it
    Im a nature
    Change faces like proteues
    Theres that so.
    Im nobody
    I just go with it .
    Guilty i dunno who isnt
    let it go get the dough
    I mean when in rome
    Be a ceaser
    Throw the dice
    Cross the rubicon
    Got drugs .do i
    A few kind
    2 times
    Who m i
    Ur suicide
    Do or die
    To the nothing in paticular
    I ride , if i murder u
    Its vehicular
    No lie