• sarahaha_99 9w


    A beautiful garden called life was it..
    A story about the same enchantment to deceit..
    One had the shrub of life so red..
    Another a shrub so white to thread..
    Time of Winter.. 'Growth' was slow...
    Paved in Spring... It was time to 'Glow'..
    Pretty the petal of blood so red..
    Covered with leaves a bud to get..
    The' One ' would question, why so SLOW..?
    why my white refuse to Glow..!?
    Indeed it was the wind....
    That whispered and enchanted it seemed..
    Grow, grow, it's time to glow..
    The wind gave it a blow..
    Opened the petals of the blood so red..
    So beautiful a creation god had made..
    Yet the white refused to grow..
    Peaceful a grace was all it showed..
    Away with winter..
    Time for Spring..
    The red got off with its petals..
    Barren it all seemed..
    Whistled the lark, whispered the sea..
    The white was all the nature wanted to see..
    The sepals gave away..
    The petals fell apart..
    Beauty!! beauty!! The nature had its part..
    Serene, peaceful - a grace to show..
    White was all the nature wanted to owe..
    Complete it felt..
    Incompetent with the red..
    Yet it was fade..
    Encrypted in its own grade..
    Wasn't to be won..
    The white was all about beauty to be sown..
    It was the purest to be shown..
    The loveliest to be grown..
    The greatest to be won..
    The white would last forever indeed..
    To wait for the right time..
    Was nature's deed...
    Let's conclude the story of "The Red"..
    Let's wait for " The White" to fade..

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