• mr_pistachio 5w

    Eyes floating with no feeling is all that I see
    I sit lonely. My bench under the tree
    Each hello is empty and carries no weight
    The frustration that comes from the people I hate

    the man ... He lumbered on by, head down
    Too shallow to stare at real depth ,he would drown
    Maybe it's the tears that so often flow from me
    That started in me an intrigue for the sea

    To fill any shape is an amazing gift
    Maybe this ocean could bridge the rift
    The hole in my heart nothing seems to fill
    The gap whose only motive is kill
    A rot I ignore and never provoke
    A smog of the soul that chokes me with smoke

    Am i the only one feeling this pain?
    Have the weathered vessels around me all gone insane ?
    Or maybe the intrigue I have for the sea
    Comes from an image: my family and me
    To sit at the beach and let strife finally go
    Let it leave with the tide, those days of woe

    Yet deep down I scorn myself
    For having such dreams
    My only relief
    Comes from silent bubbled screams