• turmoilmoon 5w

    As I lay on the cusp of bitter ends
    Death waters keep me afloat
    The dense norwegian woods escape into the eternal silence
    Now The darkened dead souls, my eyes behold

    Distorted clouds fleet, wish the Dawn intrudes my sight
    O’ burning Embers in the sky, pray tell us what you scheme tonight

    Encrusted Cracked craniums screech
    As they burn and melt in the necromantic bonfire
    Along comes the tempest of winter
    Superseding the fuming acrid ash in the devoid of light

    A waltz of the serpents to the perennial euphony of my screams
    The abysmal reptiles intertwine helical and its time for ecdysis
    Drifted by a zephyr
    Barbed wired coiled Ravens embrace my feet
    This friction bleeds, the cold blood bleeds

    Silhouette of a beast hovers me in the vague reality
    Darker than a dungeon, Tethered to this lucid dream


    I endure a surge of a blood splash within me
    I succumb to this kill, Jötunn comes near
    I succumb to this kill, Jötunn comes near