• mismagical 11w


    To life —
    You've been like the ride
    I was thrown into unknowingly

    I've donned you in a vivid array of words ;
    Boisterous when I desired calm ,
    aloof when I needed love
    and blase when I wanted you to care

    All these years
    I felt like the damsel
    and you ,
    the distress I was into

    I've feared you ,
    been appalled at your thought ,
    I've touched you
    Only to run the other way
    in dread of the burn I would feel

    All these years
    I never tried to fall into your arms
    and embrace that burn ,
    never tried to be the form of beautiful
    broken makes

    So after all these years ,
    I left the fear on your porch
    and took the key to living
    from under the mat ;

    After all these years
    I've decided to live
    the old school way

    //For life is too short to fear living//


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