• andigrace 51w

    The Soul Knows

    I visited a great castle. I know I've been there before. I still feel the cold halls and the sound of the lute, lyre and shawn. The smells and song of dinner in the Great Hall, feel the weight of my dress.
    I've prepared tea in the loveliest of ritualistic ways, I feel the cup in my hand, feel nerves under watchful eyes.
    Sun rising over the horizon, campfire lingering in the air. A child emerging into a new day from my home made of stick, mud and skins.
    The smell of the ocean brings memories. A ghostly casting net felt in my hand, the smell of the baker's bread, a bustling little village.
    A libraries feel, an old book store. The smells of my father's office. He was a lovely man. He smelled of peppermint tea and cigar. Makes me smile to this day. Memories of the love of my life and children from another life.
    I've so many more memories that are triggered in different ways.
    Our soul is energy. Energy doesn't forget or lie. A physical soul level reaction is not triggered by a mere thought, they are triggered through life experience.
    Have you ever felt a very deep connection to a time period or a culture? It's dress or ritualistic happenings. A taste, smell or dance spark a memory? Music or sound of an instrument rich in culture stir a deep familure feeling or a strong memory deeply embedded!
    Have you met a person that makes your whole being... your soul just jump alive in a roaring there you are! A kind of inward explosion of emotions that every cell in your body feels or on the flip side, an immediate unease.
    There's reason, everything in your very being knows the truth.
    Expect, maybe your current way if thinking.
    You connect to these times, their people, smells, song, sight and feelings, all of it because your soul has lived it, loved it and even feared it.
    I think sometimes it's strange. I try to find ways to discredit and brush away what I know to be true.
    It seems crazy, but not nearly as crazy as the idea that this, is our only existence.