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    I hope all you amazing people are doing well.
    Firstly,I will start today's article drafting an apology for being inactive for a real long time gap.
    As you know,these empty lanes of MIRAKEE street keeps on attracting me towards it,mostly at late nights compelling me picturesque my emotions & all chapped feeling that's been heavily hurting my innerself to spill out into words & voccabularies..
    Keeping the fact of staying discconected aside
    without any excuse I'll like to begin today's note.


    July 4,
    04:08 am.

    I LEFT IT BUT I LOVE'd IT(maybe the most) :

    Sipping to a cup of black cinnamon coffee (of course,I have been a over too much extra-dramatic kinda sensible person),
    lets forget about the existence of wikipedia or any other dictionary where terminology & descriptions hails.
    What is "Love"? I asked
    All of a sudden such a mature question from mine side was unexpected to you..
    You replied me "Its the bond what keeps two heart's alive, close & yet unbreakable//Love is forever."

    Somewhere sitting down the seashore during such a beautiful cozy sunset evening didn't fail to touch my heart the same the seawaves were kissing slightly on both our feet gentlely...in which my shinning topic of that day too sat just like & with the crimson Sun over my head.

    Comming back home,
    When I sat with one light on breathing fresh air down my balcony bench side,
    Fears of all my childhood where I craved for something mild maybe its termed as affection synonymous to love stands..all I had infront was a blank wide wall.
    **Ask a child having parent's//family what's LOVE..I promise he can't define but if you ask the same question to another child pointing him to the one with a fam..bere his silence & wait a couple or more minute.he'll tell you the answer

    **Traveling via train to places crossing stations,streets,distances I have encountered a variety of people..
    A mother who works all day to feed her children is LOVE
    **The father who left all his happiness to earn for the betterment of his family is LOVE
    **The brother who fights for the country's welfare as a solider under violent circumstances to protect his sister & various other unsafe sisters is LOVE
    **The voice of dear ones when scolding,shouting,laughing is love.

    & when we have already received the Love
    Other than preserving it,we tend to forgrant..." - I sighed heavily

    All of a sudden I had a look on an envelope kept near the table..It was something related to my dad so giving that peice of paper an empty check from my naked eyes that couldn't scan any of what's inside..I better focused on keeping it right there
    & them,happened the most interesting part.
    I suddenly caught my eyes stuck on the DATE - 3/07/2018
    & soon there was a rush of waterfall from both my eyes.
    I recalled the day,just a month ago when I turned 18 & right on 12 am sharp I opened my envelope - INTERSHIP LETTER AS A RADIO JOCKEY,RADIO MIRCHI.KOLKATA - 700106
    The ver next day my 18year oldself signed up her internship application & started to work on her dream office
    LOVE with the desk
    LOVE with the smell of the office,the entrace gate,the stairs,the computer,diary,penstand,notebooks on her desk & most specially her ON AIR ROOM

    "Titlyy dinner is ready"-My didun screamed & my flashbacks ended right there on a anti-tragic note.

    While going to sleep,
    Recollecting all the good memories I made in those very few countable days..
    I started to wonder
    What if I wouldn't have left the job so seamlessly?
    Was it ok to fall sick every alternate day pointing out the matter of fact that,
    I was not ready to keep up with daily passengery!Ofcouse,it was the only option I had.I had to choose b/w my job & my health
    Because,I am one outstanding idiot,I choose my job.
    Was it okey to lie to my family everyday before going out to office hiding the truth behind the actual location of my office situated at.
    Lol,I laughed out loud,then.
    I told my Grandma that it takes me 15 mins to reach my Radio Office whereas I daily had to go on a journey for 2 hrs u & 2 hours down summing as 4 hours to just reach & return.

    The big smile on my face casually conveyed me the messenge that managing 4 hours with 30 minutes maximum an hours is next to impossible.
    I had to choose again & this time both were my weekness :
    My family & My Job ♥
    Like every Hindi serial daughter..thunder stroke over my head but because I sarcastically dady's angel & mom's doll kinda a good girl for whom family matters alot chose her Family.

    I smiled once again recollecting everything into pieces.
    That night onwards I promised myself that oneday I'll again be here, same office place but untill that time I'll focus on making it more large,more extraordinary.
    I feel by experiencing such a chaper in this 18 years was a blessing which taught me that nothing more is important than a right time
    & maybe this strike it wasn't my favourite,
    As it wasn't my right time... I LEFT IT BUT I LOVE'D IT

    & then getting all my doubts out & clear..
    "Time" : I am not in your favour
    Try my hardship & patience,I replied with a wink.

    I closed my eyes with sparkling dreams & a glittering smile ♥

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    I left it.
    But I loved it

    Maybe the most