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    Core in the chest
    Lie a small heart
    Numerous detained veins of love
    Of her with him, torn apart
    With his demise on the battlefield

    Paused! Predicament,
    Empress,wanted to be hailed,
    Veiled her face with fake feelings
    The war, tormented her,
    To hear the mewling of the one in the womb

    Unnoticed! Hideous look,
    Grostesque clothes, covering
    The bleeding ground, her belly.
    Heart's already wounded so hard!
    Hard to face the plethora of mortals.
    Unknown malisons spat on her face
    Heart's aching with the dilemma,
    Whether the child? Or die?

    One man army, the mother!
    Most difficult battlefield, her womb
    Opponents are ruthless,
    Poking her stained heart,
    Coronary arteries torn apart,
    Blood sheds without a clot
    Gash, chiseled
    It's the most painful aciurgy!

    No knives that shred. But the
    Society's poker cards piercing,
    And tasting the blood of helpless!
    Lesions are about to tear
    Veins are the hawsers that grasp it

    Infront of the ordnance of mouths of society
    Don't know, to whom she should whine
    Feelings bottled up flowing
    All over the cold body with blood
    Mouth, sealed. Eyes, closed!
    The truth is unknown,
    Until the maimed heart speaks!

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