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    There was a loud crash. The car somersaulted 3 times before it overturned and came to a halt at the edge of the road. I tried to come out of the car. But the locks were jammed. There was a broken window behind. I crawled to the back of the car and somehow wriggled myself through the gap.There was a deep gnash on my forehead. I touched it tenderly. But amazingly there was no pain. I felt myself light and floating. Somehow I reached the road and tried to wave to every speeding car for help. But all the cars seemed to whizz past me. I waved frantically. Then what seemed like ages, a car stopped just in front of my broken vehicle. I saw them bending down towards a body that lay outside my car and heard them spell a loud exclamation. Then I saw one of them pump the chest of the body with their palms and blow air into the mouth. Several times they continued to do so. Then another person took out his cell phone and dialed a number and was soon speaking into it. All this while I was watching from a distance. With some confidence I approached the two of them. I tried to convey them my message but no one payed any attention to me. They were oblivious to the fact that I was standing near them. I tried to jerk them into reality but failed to get any attention to them. They seemed to walk right past me to greet the ambulance which had just arrived. The paramedics took the authority of the person lying injured. They put him on the stretcher and were putting him inside the ambulance. I caught a glimpse of the injured man. Frightened I looked up to meet the gaze of the surrounded paramedics. The man in the stretcher there was an injured version of myself !! How could this be possible ? I was standing there watching them resuscitate myself ! This couldn't be true ! Why did nobody speak to me ? Realisation then dawned upon me. I was just no more ! I was lost !