• jcecchetelli 5w

    Last year around this time, I thought nothing would get better. I was lost in a place of anxious thoughts and a clouded mind. Panic attacks took over my nights and my days were spent just trying to keep busy. I had no job, barely a home and a sadness I couldn’t rid myself of. So I made a change. I picked up everything and left, not knowing where I would live or work when I got there. Then opportunities started arising one by one and I followed them. I slowly followed them right out of my dark place. I leaned on family and friends and took chances that most people would think are crazy. Now, I have a great job, a beautiful apartment and calm nights of Netflix and sleep. Now I life my life of freedom without fear of the unknown. I take flights to everywhere. I hike mountains and visit places on weekends instead of sleep. I tell my friends I love them more and text back right away. I work hard at my job so I can adventure later on. I thought the pain and cloudiness would be forever. I thought it wouldn’t end. I thought it was me. Sometimes all you need is a change. Of environment. Of people. Of jobs. To change your whole perspective. To change your whole life. It gets better. Please stay.


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