• the_healer_idealist 10w

    It pains my heart, it hurts, it sucks
    That I am missing you this much.
    It hurts the most that you've turned out to be
    Just another statistic.
    You didn't deserve to leave this way
    O how I wish you could stay!
    You left, with no chance to say goodbye-
    You just left us all here to cry.
    None of this is your fault,
    That day, you didn't expect your body and soul to part.
    Well, atleast not for now-
    You never expect to cross that shore.
    You've said one day we'll all be great,
    But sadly, you've prematurely met your fate.
    I hope it was never too late
    And we'll meet again at heaven's gate.
    Rest in peace, my dear friend.
    Goodbye for now 'til we meet again.

    In Loving Memory of Kyle Patterson