• hawaii 5w

    Miss BECV 2020 II (My Animation)

    You’re the reason why being single isn’t boring

    In any season with you as my guiding eagle I’ll be roaring

    With any tension I’ll tingle to make sure you’re soaring

    I enjoy the convoy of thoughts of a girl and a boy

    Its imagination, like a toy I built with alloy nothing can destroy

    I see the same sunset and sunrise yet every time I see you it’s like the first time!

    I congratulate your parents for raising a fine woman

    I appreciate your character; it’s amazing you strike me as a career woman

    You will do great things, keep placing your priorities first and you won’t need a man

    If time was mine I’d spend more of it with you because you shine like no other

    If I had time I’d tie every rhyming word just to write a poem to highlight your day

    You are the complete package; beauty, manners and brains!