• sessugh 5w

    Black Tuesday

    There was a country
    A country whose citizens were not safe in it's lands
    A country that the people couldn't cough for fear
    A country that lacked essence
    A country where bloodshed was legalized
    A country that weeped
    A country whose government never cared for it's people
    A country where the government could kill it's citizens without conscience
    A country where the rights of the citizens were trampled upon
    That country was NIGERIA

    There is a country that weeps
    We weep for the lives that were lost during a peaceful protest
    We weep for the strong nigerian youths that died fighting courageously
    We weep for pains in the heart of many
    Because we seek change
    Because we seek justice
    Because we seek a better home
    Our blood was spilled over the lands
    But this will not go away unremembered
    20-10-2020 has gone down in history
    It was a Tuesday in NIGERIA
    And the government killed it's people without remorse
    Rest on warriors who died fighting courageously for Nigeria
    We mourn for It's was indeed a