• jadewallin 6w

    Moving On

    So you don't miss me.
    I understand.

    But I miss you.
    Do you understand?

    Everyone tells me,
    That you're gone for a reason.

    What reason is that?
    Can you tell me?

    Everyone tells me,
    "You just gotta move on,
    They aren't coming back anytime soon."

    Why won't you?
    Come back?

    Staring out the window,
    As the rain pours down,
    I start to think.

    I think
    "What if you didn't go?"
    "What if you were here?"
    "What if you weren't gone?"

    "How did you move on so quickly?"

    My eyes start to droop,
    But I don't let sleep claim me.

    Staring at my Chromebook,
    Reading the E-Mails
    That you sent me.

    You sent them in class,
    And I read them,
    Trying not to get caught.

    It hurts,
    Moving on.

    But I did it.

    Moving on,
    Doesn't mean to forget.
    It doesn't mean to not miss someone.

    It doesn't mean to not cry to sleep.
    It doesn't mean to not scream and fight.

    It only means,

    To let someone go.

    So I guess,

    I'm moving on.