• sonipriya_ 46w


    No you can't see,
    The people you trust are the same,
    Colors changes itself when mixed with other color's,
    Pink & yellow have turned black as you followed my Shadow...& u are partvof my soul,
    It's hard to express,
    No nothing is alright,
    Trust would never be thw issue...if you considered there situarikn also,
    They aren't mean..they are hopeless,
    They didn't spoke shita..they just cried out their heart hard & loud,
    They didn't took stand...maybe they didn't even stand,
    It's because of situation,
    Changes are supported or denied,
    Yes you are changing,
    It's part of growth..uou are growing,
    Qounds take love & care to heal,
    They always have time,
    Maybe they want to heal you..and heal too,
    They are sorry for their sins,
    They are just hesitant that,they end up harming you again...